Love Is…

Love is just the answer,

Whatever the question is.

Hate, doubt, war or battles,

Love will give you peace.

Love can be poisonous,

If you are a fool indeed.

For love may make you jealous,

If you look only to please.

Love is not just receiving,

It’s also giving too.

So don’t be just believing,

Unless you give it too.

Nalaka Malinda Perera


My Love Will Never End


What I see in you,

May not be seen by them.


If what I see is true,

That’s all that matters then.

For people are envious,

And people can pretend.

I promise you forever,

My love will never end.

If I Love You This Way

If I love you this way,

I know what you will say.

“They’re all the same they say”.

So stay away from me.

It’s easy for you to say,

For me to stay away,

But honey come what may,

I’ll love you every day.

I may not get you now,

But I will some day somehow,

Until that day my love,

Love me my love somehow.

Nalaka Malinda Perera

The day I’m banned from this world

The day I’m banned from this world,

there would be peace on earth,

as they would think it would,

as they would wish it could.
But if you stopped for awhie,

to think while I’m alive,

the things I say and do,

would simply amaze you.
You think and work in a frame,

You plan every word you say.

Your thoughts are just the same,

You live and die everyday.
When I say something new,

You simply start your tune,

why can’t you hear me say?

Just try to look my way.

A fairy made a deal with me…

A fairy made a deal with me,
to earn you I must do this deed.
I swore upon my very soul,
I swore forever to love and to hold.

She sprinkled me with pixie dust,
as you’re an angel she said she must.
Now I have wings, just like you do,
just like you I have been blessed too.

I was but a lonesome man,
until the day you held my hand.
And showed me how it feels to love.
Oh! Darling I’m so happy now.

I’d trade my soul with the devil you see,
Just to have a look at thee.
I worship on the ground you tread,
I’ll be loving you until I’m dead.

To my darling Amenda, my love, my everything. 

Nalaka Malinda Perera

A wise man once said…

A wise man once said,

True love will never lose.

Be faithful no matter what,

One day she’s bound to chose,
the one true love,

Of her desires.

But on that day,

To my despair,

She chose another,

And I’m just there.
But I kept thinking,

This will turn right,

But then one day,

She became his bride.
It has to work out,

For I’m the wise man,

But even I was blinded,

I wasn’t her man.
The love of my life,

Was right here with me.

I just couldn’t see it,

I was too much deceived.
But now I can see,

That your true love is me.

You’re simply perfect,

Would you marry me?
Dedicated to my Ann.

Nalaka Malinda Perera.

Let me be there all the way.

I was lost and battered,

fooled and embarrased,

I was crying and dying,

when you came along.
You gave me a new life,

you wiped my tears away,

I’m not dying anymore,

as long as you’re here to stay.
Give me your hand,

and I’ll give you my life.

Lay your body close to mine,

let me kiss your tears away.
In my darkest,

and my saddest days,

You were always there,

Every hour, every way.
Oh I love you,

and I need you,

let me be there,

all the way.
Dedicated to my Ann.

Nalaka Malinda Perera.